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GameFlix2022 | Forerunner - A Halo Infinite Movie

Halo Infinite is set in a massive open-world environment known as Zeta Halo, where players take on the role of Master Chief, the iconic protagonist of the Halo series. The game picks up after the events of Halo 5: Guardians and follows Master Chief as he faces a new threat known as the Banished, a ruthless faction of aliens led by the fearsome warlord, Escharum. The game introduces a more expansive and dynamic campaign, allowing players to freely explore the vast Halo ring.

In the campaign, Master Chief discovers a damaged Cortana fragment and partners with a new AI ally named the Weapon. Together, they uncover the mysteries of Zeta Halo, including the presence of a powerful enemy known as the Harbinger. As players traverse the open-world landscape, they engage in intense combat encounters, liberate outposts from the Banished, and gather resources to upgrade their equipment. The game features a combination of linear story missions and non-linear exploration, providing players with a blend of thrilling narrative-driven moments and player-driven experiences as they unravel the secrets of Halo Infinite and strive to save humanity once again.

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