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So what is the ultimate mode of FPS games?

Through out gaming history, there have been various game platforms that have been created along the games each one comes with. One of the game genres that most, if not all gamers love, is the first person shooter category. You may be thinking, what the hell is this DeMoN, what are you writing about? Well, lets call this a brainstorming session, of why there is not a FPS game that can compare in magnitude to World of Tanks, in the context of clan wars and competition?

I'm not the know it all game guru that has played games since the 70's, yet I do have a 27 year gaming experience and have played though games since the Atari 2600. Under these circumstances, I will write about the games I have played.

Here are the some FPS games I consider to be the generation game changers or the ""Next Gen"" due to new game style:


2: Golden Eye

3: Unreal Tournament

4: Halo CE

5: Killzone 2

6: Call of Duty MW 1 & 2. Black Ops 1 & 2

7: Pub G / Fornite / FireStorm / Warzone / Apex

8: Call of Duty MW Remake

Why am I only pointing these out? Well, I consider the following:

1: Game Platform

2: Game Engine

3: Physics and graphics

4: Popularity

5: Things you can do within the game

Yes yes, if you are a true gamer not some newbi, you should know that every engine is spectacular at the time, therefor people love these titles. Similar to what a new vehicle or a new plane would be in real life, but in games.

Why make a comparison in competitive gameplay from FPS games to world of tanks, and not world of warcraft or LOL? Then the main idea of this article would be too broad. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that while all the mentioned titles were spectacular in everyway, they all fade a way in about decade. Except for the titles mentioned in numbers 7 & 8 due to those not being older than 5 years or so.

Halo seems to be a title that still has a hardcore die hard fan base, low in numbers. This is due to technology becoming obsolete and the game not moving along with it. That's why I mentioned World of Tanks. This game has been upgrading game engines along the new technology hardware upgrades, to stay alive and remain competitive. While many hate the game due to what some call ""Russian Bias""; the franchise has a hard-core-die-hard fan base that is all about true clan war competition. On the pub battles you may find a typical tomato player, with a 4k rating and 60k battles, each one lasting an average of 8 minutes.

What does a FPS game needs to do to not just fade away? Killzone 2 was doing a good job at maintaining a die hard fan base, while my current PS network is DeMoNFH361, I had a decent 1.49 d/k ratio with 45K kills to 30k deaths. Of course, there where people that had over One Million kills in their rap sheet. Killzone 2 did not just die because it was too brilliant and good for at the time. It was shutdown by PlayStation to force those players out of it, when they pulled the cord. What kept people coming back to Killzone 2, was the clan war competitive gameplay that no other FPS has had.

Let me break it down for you so you can know what could be done in Killzone 2 and some things that can be done in World of Tanks:

1: Clan war tournaments for Gold (WOT) / Valor (KZ2)

2: Clan war challenges

3: Ability to spectate or fight within game sessions

4: Ability to create private trainings or tournaments with password to access

5: Ability to create open game sessions with any play style you want, similar to PC game rooms but in a PS3 (KZ)

6: Good record keeping and stats (Some hardcore players are all about the numbers)

You get the idea. Both Killzone 2 and World of Tanks have a good clan community to keep you in the game during the good and bad moments. Another thing that people loved about Killzone 2 was the game sessions. You could just create a game session how you wanted it, and it could be open all day, battle after battle.

Perhaps that new FPS title needs to be free to play, but treated as a franchise with all the constant change franchises go through in order to remain in the business. This way, the game can upgrade the game engines, while at the same time provide a clan community. Even if the wallet warriors have to pay to get the prem stuff, there will always be a free to play gamer who's gonna be better than them... we all know how the story goes...

By DeMoNFH361

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