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Pilar of Autumn Golden Ostrich

Is hard to believe that someone who has been playing Halo CE for over 20 years, had never seen the golden ostrich before. That was just a random move, to strafe to the left and go into the left hallway, instead of pushing forward like on any usual Pilar of Autumn playthrough. I took a look around, and there it was a golden ostrich.

What does that easter egg mean? I have never heard of any space ostrich dialogue before, or never seen something like that on a movie or show. I have seen perhaps space raccoons, walruses among other animals, but an ostrich? Is like seeing things out of the ordinary, like if AI became alive and randomly placed that golden ostrich there. Feels as if someone within the game is watching you through some random NPC camera.

Spartans were built that way, someone paid the price and put things together in a good way. Dr. Halsey once said "Efficient behaviour operating in hazardous situations.." Reminds me of the matrix and how some people have to navigate, while the mainframe watches everything. Every node is connected, billions of different addresses connecting over decades. Then the ship is invaded by aliens. Is crazy to think that way.

The thing about Halo CE is that the legendary battles just hit different. Sometimes you could get flanked by some grunt from time to time or enemies approach from different angles. Nonetheless, down below is the video. Enjoy!

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