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Doom Games Store giveaway contest

Doom Games Store has been around for a few months now, therefor we are celebrating with a giveaway for one lucky contestant.

Here is how the contest works:

  • The entry ticket to participate is to subscribe to DeMoNFH361. Once you subscribe you are able to start participating. This makes you eligible for current and all future giveaways.

  • There are three videos in the contest, from DeMoNFH361's Youtube channel where the contestant has to subscribe to, click like, and comment. Use #RedeemFreePromo in your comment to show you are participating.

  • Once a video reaches 200 subscribers, I am going to choose the best comment and reward the lucky winner with one of the prizes on the prize list below.

  • Each video is an opportunity to participate, meaning, the same contestant is able to win three times.

  • The lucky winner is going to get one point, each video grants one point. The lucky winner gets to chose what reward he/she wants with the awarded point.


Selected videos:

Participating video One:

EA has been reportedly working on a new Fight Night game. What are your thoughts on the last game released by EA, Fight Night Champion?


Participating video two:

Resident Evil Village is amongst the creepiest video games ever created... What made you buy Resident Evil Village and why?


Participating Video Three:

The Master Chief is lost in time, Cortana is gone, and the Infinite continues. While many people love the first Bungie released games, 343 Industries was given the task to complete Halo Infinite. What is your favorite Halo and why?


Thank you for participating and good luck. The sooner the videos reach 200 subscribers the better. Game on players d:~D

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