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A look back in time to Fight Night Champion...

What games catch a gamer's attention on a day-to-day basis and why? People have different habits, different perceptions, and interests. Yet, gamers have many things in common. Gamers love to play video games.

While there are many games trending now, today I chose to write about a game not out there now, which was very popular 10 years ago. Yes, this game is Fight Night Champion.

Having to go back ten years to look for a kool boxing game has to tell you something. I think there should be a new boxing game similar to how Warzone works. See my vision. A multiplatform arena, with maps across the world, featuring players around the world. In order for this to work, the system has to be fair for everyone. No cheating allowed, or mods. A quick scan executable should do the trick. This should prevent the game from launching if the game folders have been modified in any way.

The rules should be fair and simple, similar if not the same to real boxing. There should be different categories with different styles and techniques. The Fight Night control system is perhaps the best there is in terms of easy-to-use and efficiency.

In terms of appearance, the concept should be adapted to real life, yet with the purpose to involve the player into perhaps earning profit. I am not saying the game avatar should age or die off being too old. Mentioning this brings to mind the concept of perhaps an open world with places to go to or meet with others.

I see a wave of millions of users rushing to create an account to give this new boxing career a try. This generates drive energy, sometimes unmeasured, which would help thousands of individuals and businesses around the globe. In order for this to be sustainable, the period foreseen has to be no less than a decade worth of investments. This allows for two generations to get involved with the video game, allowing to see if the game should continue.

In any case, if you sign me up for the new Boxing online title when the game is published. Expect to see one of the toughest contestants if not the best. Regards, from DeMoNFH361.

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